• Yu'E Bao Assets Exceed 500b Yuan

    Since its launch in July 2013, Yu'E Bao has quickly shot to prominence thanks in large part to its favorable yields - interest rates have, at times, exceeded 6% since the fund's inception, roughly ...

    Apr 18 2014
  • Third-Party Payment Sector Rules Issued

    China's banking regulator and the central bank have jointly released a new set of rules on cooperation between commercial banks and third-party payment companies, media said Thursday.

    Apr 18 2014
  • Virtual Operators Highlight Differentiated Package Services

    Together with the establishment of China Mobile Virtual Network Operator Industry Confederation on March 31, mobile phone numbers starting with 170 provided by China's virtual network operators began ...

    Apr 18 2014
  • Weibo IPO Offers Half The Price of Twitter's Listing

    Weibo's done half the job that Twitter has in turning its microblogging users into earnings. That may explain why the Chinese company is seeking as little as half the valuation in its initial public ...

    Apr 17 2014
  • JD Files New Prospectus, Launches Online Fund Product

    JD, which operates China's second-largest online marketplace, named Tencent Holdings as its third-biggest shareholder in a renewed prospectus filed to the US securities regulator Tuesday ...

    Apr 16 2014

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